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Emily-Senior Portraits

I so enjoyed doing Emily’s senior portraits! She is so photogenic & the Fall colors were to die for! I love capturing special moments in people’s lives and LOVE when they have something special they want to include in the photos, and for this photo shoot that was Emily’s cat!  I am always up for something different & something that is special to my clients.  I think that helps make good photos GREAT!  Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Emily! I wish you much success & joy for your future!


Emilyweb-2 Emilyweb-3 Emilyweb-4 Emilyweb-5 Emilyweb-6 Emilyweb-7 Emilyweb-8 Emilyweb-9 Emilyweb-10 Emilyweb-11 Emilyweb-12 Emilyweb-13 Emilyweb-14 Emilyweb-15 Emilyweb-16 Emilyweb-17 Emilyweb-18 Emilyweb-19 Emilyweb-20 Emilyweb-21 Emilyweb-22 Emilyweb-23 Emilyweb-24 Emilyweb

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