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Bishop family (Piper)

I photographed Katie when she was pregnant with Hudson, which feels like yesterday, and then I found myself doing newborn photos of her second child! I love watching families grow & being able to document such special times in their lives.  Hudson is an excellent big brother.  He is so attentive and loving to his sister, giving her pats and hugs.  JUST PRECIOUS.  Piper wanted to be awake for every single one of her newborn photos, but hey, we worked with her & got some shots even without her cooperation.  She is so beautiful and tiny! Here are some photos from our time together…



Piper-2 Piper-3 Piper-4 Piper-5 Piper-6 Piper-7 Piper-8 Piper-9 Piper-10 Piper-11 Piper-12 Piper-13 Piper-14 Piper-15 Piper-16 Piper-17 Piper-18 Piper-19 Piper-20 Piper

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